Veladero: Our Story

Veladero: Our Story

When we think about our story, we just couldn’t stop the smile occurring on our faces. The thing about our story is that it’s a little sour and sometimes, it’s just a little too sweet. Our journey began ourselves making our way from absolutely nothing to turning ourselves to one of the largest gold mining companies in the entire world. Plus, did you know that we offer a massive discount of about 2-4% when you buy Bitcoin from us? Well, that’s totally a different story. So, how did it all begin? We ain’t telling this story to brag about our accomplishments. Instead, we are happy about the way the things turned out to be. Our journey hasn’t yet ended. However, the hard part is now dealt with, and we would like you to join us in our journey and stick till the very end. So wouldn’t you like to take a little sneak peek at our bitter-sweet adventure?

Before we narrate our entire journey in front of you, we would like to inform you that, “We are one of the largest gold mining companies in Argentina. Not only Argentina, but we have also made our impact all over the world.” So how did we do it? Let’s take a look.

Pre-Foundation in 2010

We haven’t been in the industry for a long period of time. However, we have successfully made our way around the industry. The year was 2010. Bitcoin wasn’t a huge thing back then. It was just available to people at reasonably cheap rates. People used to sell 4-5 Bitcoins in order just to buy themselves a pizza. So, it was the year 2010, and the current founder of Veladero, Jeremy, wasn’t quite satisfied with his life. He always dreamt of reaching the heights that his friends usually talked about. Instead, the thing about Jeremy is that he wasn’t quite able to earn a huge amount of money through his Pizza Delivery job. After working for about 6-7 months, Jeremy realized that his life wasn’t just limited to delivering pizzas to people all around the world. Instead, he wanted to conquer his dreams.


His father used to take him for a visit to the gold mines. His father was a worker there and knew too many people that could boost Jeremy up. In some days, Jeremy started working with a gold mining company and started digging out gold. He was really impressed with the amount of gold that could be obtained through the mining process. He kept working with the gold mining company for about six months and learned everything he could.

Foundation of Veladero in 2012

Jeremy quit his mining job and instead, started working for himself. He started his own company named “Veladero” in the year 2012. It was the year when the technology started making its way around the world and had already made an impact on the lives of the people. With the help of his skills that he acquired through his gold mining job, he used to take up individual contracts and assist various gold sellers in the market. With the help of his contacts at the gold mining company, he successfully sold a huge amount of gold to the individual gold sellers in Argentina. He used to take up their orders and offer them gold at a reasonable price. But, he didn’t believe that he would be able to achieve all of his dreams by simply selling gold. He invested in a lot of sectors. He took up individual contracts for an oil and gas company. Plus, he had come across the term ‘Bitcoin.’ One of his nerd friends insisted him to buy some of them as he considered that it would have a major impact in the near future. Guess who was right? He was able to gather a huge amount of money during his time as an individual contractor.

The Rise Of Veladero – 2016

With the help of his friends at the gold mining company and from various parts of the world, Jeremy had turned Veladero into a huge organization already that dealt in gold. Selling gold was not an easy job. However, people at Veladero knew how to do it. In his journey, Jeremy always dreamt of operating a gold mine under the name of his company, and that’s what he insisted on doing. With the help of his friends and his contacts all around the world, his team at Veladero was able to work in collaboration with Barrick Gold. And the rest is all history. Veladero is one of the largest gold mines all over the world, and nobody can deny the fact that it is. Did you know that the mine has estimated reserves of about 10 million oz of Gold? And do you remember the bitcoin that Jeremy bought during his bitter-sweet journey? Well, he just forgot about it, and those Bitcoins just generated a huge amount of profits for Veladero. This was the time when Jeremy realized that he must also start focusing his way around Bitcoins and must provide the world with it at cheaper rates.

Who Are We?

Who wouldn’t love to buy Bitcoin at cheaper rates? And that’s what Veladero has to offer. Our vision is to provide Bitcoin to each and everyone in this world at really cheaper rates comparatively. And how do we do that? We mine gold. Based in Argentina, Veladero holds expertise in mining gold and holds a long and successful history. Everyone loves gold. And with a huge amount of gold reserves at our disposal, we trade-in the gold in our hands successfully with our joint venture partners in return for Bitcoin. This allows us to offer Bitcoin to our customers at a value particularly cheaper than the other wallets. Can you guess the difference between our and their rates? That’s a tremendous difference of about 2-4%. Calculate the money you would save and invite a huge amount of profits in your pocket right now. We know that you want to. So why not start climbing the stairs to your success right now!